All of This Has Happened Before & Will Happen Again


Wacky, mustachioed left-hander Derek Holland has signed a significant contract extension with the Rangers, ensuring that he’ll be in Texas for at least the next 5 years (and possibly the next 7). Phillip broke it down this morning, but I think there’s a little bit more to this story than just the dollars and cents.

On the surface, this seems to mostly be about the so-called Dutch Oven, but it’s got a lot to do with C.J. Wilson and Josh Hamilton as well.

Not so long ago we wondered whether Wilson’s time in Texas had come to an end. The line from the Rangers was always that they would do what they could to bring him back, but there never seemed to be much conviction on the part of the organization.

They had already offered him an extension, which he deemed too low. When he signed with the Angels, everyone seemed pretty okay with it.

This has become something of a recurring theme.

For at least the last few years, we’ve seen a number of players (Wilson, Cliff Lee, Marlon Byrd) walk in free agency. Each of them had plenty to offer and I’m sure the men in charge would have loved to bring them back. They just couldn’t make it work, though.

Then you have this Holland extension. The Rangers didn’t have to lock him up right now, but the club decided that they wanted him to be in Texas long-term. He’s part of the plan and they’ve committed to that.

Not so with Byrd and Lee and Wilson.

What I think we’re seeing here is proof that, if the club really wants to keep a player, they’ll get something done. There was never a wait and see approach with Derek Holland. They said they wanted to extend him and extend him they did.

Keep all of this in mind next offseason. I expect Jamilton to hit free agency, even though he’s been lobbying for an extension. When he does, there will be talks on both sides and he will either remain a Ranger or he won’t.

Whatever happens, I would put money JD and Nolan being okay with it. If they really want Jamilton to stay, he will.

Press on, Rangers fan.

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