MLB Upholds Contract Between Rangers, Jairo Beras


After four months of waiting, the Rangers got the news they were looking for when Major League Baseball announced that Jairo Beras was indeed 17 years old and eligible to sign with the team. However, MLB has suspended him for one year for mis-representing his age to them and most other teams. Yahoo! Sports was the first to report the news.

Most teams thought that Beras was only 16 which meant two things: He would only be eligible to sign July 2 and would be subject to the new international signing limits. By him being a year older, he was eligible right away with no restrictions. The Rangers wanted him so badly that they did extra research which showed his true age and signed the contract.

The impact of Beras is not negligible. He was the star of the international signing season and instantly becomes part of a top-3 of Jurickson Profar and Mike Olt. Beras is an outfielder and his signing bonus was for $4.5 million.

The one-year suspension means that Beras will make his North American professional debut next year and adds to the Rangers depth of young, high-ceiling prospects in their minor league system. Beras will be allowed to attend the Rangers academy during the suspension, but cannot play in any league until next July.