Just Play it Cool, boy.


Ian Kinsler’s frustration got the best of him again on Wednesday against the Yankees. In the top of the 8th inning, he was rung up on an inside strike call that he argued was out of the zone. It didn’t take long for home plate umpire Vic Carapazza to eject Kinsler, which put the offense in an unwanted position; the DH was lost for the rest of the game. Many have argued that it was at least the 8th inning and the loss of the DH would be minimal at that point in the game. I agree that it was minimal, but I feel that now is not the time to get into unneeded arguments.

The silver lining to the situation is that Kinsler only has three ejections over four and half months of play. Some would argue that that’s three too many, but I personally appreciate the passion he displays just as much as any fan would or does. That being said, he needs to understand that it does not benefit the team for him to argue balls and strikes during this stretch of play. The team is currently only carrying one utility infielder and that’s Michael Young. Ron Washington and the management have acknowledged that they are looking to add another utility in addition to Young, saying that a move could be made as early as their return home from Toronto. I understand geography and logistics are currently in the way of a move being made, but after last night, some sort of bolstering does need to come soon.

Again, I appreciate and acknowledge his right to argue any call or play he feels was not handled properly, but until there is a viable solution to the bench situation, I would like to see him keep his cool and roll with the punches when necessary. I have a feeling his teammates are wanting the same from him.