What To Expect From The September Callups



No, seriously. Like I mentioned earlier, the news of the call ups was well covered by Eric and he mentioned that Jurickson Profar is a very real possibility for a playoff roster depending how things turn out between now and then. However, it wasn’t only Profar and the Rangers find themselves down Robbie Ross who was put on the 15-day DL among the moves but the team is hopeful he will return for the end of the season or the playoffs.

So what does this mean. Leonys Martin and Brandon Snyder are pretty self-explanatory. It’s to add versatility on a bench where previously your “utility” guy was Michael Young. Profar, for obvious reasons, does this as well. Martin and Snyder had big league time and should the Rangers get into injury trouble in the outfield or at first base, they are the next in line.

On the pitching side, Martin Perez, Yoshinori Tateyama and Tanner Scheppers were recalled which isn’t a surprise considering they already had their big league clock started and are capable of pitching major league innings. They are also auditioning for a spot on the playoff roster if injuries hit and especially if Ross is out longer than expected.

The main thing is not to expect too much of Profar and not to get too excited when he doesn’t play like tonight. Much like Mike Olt, Profar may not get anywhere close to the playing time we want them to. Ron Washington is loyal to veterans and slow to trust rookies. It’s easy for Ross to make an impression in the bullpen. For the hitters, them going into the game means one of Washington’s starters leaving. That doesn’t bode well when you are dealing with tempermental, competitive players who aren’t used to sitting on a bench.

This attitude, obviously, is completely against what we have seen so far in the Major Leagues this year. Bryce Harper got playing time right away and was stuck with during slumps. Mike Trout didn’t slump but came up and played right away (of course, he had time last year but this was his first extended experience). Good players and top prospects should get time to play and time to develop at the big league level. They have the talent to step in. Profar and Olt may not be Trout and Harper but they are the top prospects in the Rangers organization and some of the best prospects in baseball. Let them swim. If you really want your best 25 men on the roster come playoff time, use September to judge what you have.

Instead, it seems like the Rangers are saying “watch and learn” at a time when the rest of baseball is saying “sink or swim”.