Even More Spring Training Musings, Vol. 2


I feel what I’m about to say I’ve already said. A lot. I don’t like to make repetition a thing I do, but it’s assumed if I say something over and over that it’s a specific point I’m trying to get across. Today’s lesson in repeating myself is simple: spring training results do not matter.

I wrote the same thing last year during the month of March — my first month writing for Nolan Writin’.

Today Matt Harrison threw 3.0 scoreless innings, allowing no runs on three hits, with no walks or strikeouts. It was a typical outing from someone like Harrison, who we’ve all grown accustomed to over the better parts of the last two years. The Rangers defeated the Diamondbacks 7-1, which I believe is their 2nd win over the last three games. Derek Holland also pitched well (4.0 shutout innings) in that game.

So the caveat is — although spring training is mostly meaningless — it’s a good sign when the players we want to see perform well, actually perform well. Both Harrison and Holland carry vital roles vis a vis the Rangers’ playoff chances; we’re asking Harrison to maintain his success over the last two years, and we’re asking Derek Holland take the next step. In 2011 Holland proved he could be a top of the rotation starting pitcher, or at least the potential was there. If he can be that guy again, the sky is the limit for how many wins this rotation can rack up.

I’ve entered that weird place on YouTube where Brand New’s full Deja Entendu album pops up in front of me, and I can’t help but to willingly accept the noises of nostalgia flooding through my ear drums. Not in this exact moment, at least. I used to date this girl and Brand New was (is?) her favorite band. But I never really wanted to listen to them when we were together. Almost like it made me mad listening to music that she liked. Then after she broke up with me, I asked my older brother for all his Brand New albums, and listened in meticulously trying to uncover all the secrets within their lyrics, like it would somehow bring me closer to what I’d lost. Anyway, all it takes is one song, and … poof. The memories explode in my head like water balloons.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the 2013 season to get the hell going. If tonight is March 2nd, that means we have 29 days left. I’m thinking it will be nice beginning the season in Houston, because even though it’s foolish to assume anything when it comes to baseball, it’s a safe bet that we come out of the gates strong. I mean, it beats playing teams like Detroit or New York. After Houston, we play the Angels. At home.

Anyway, random thoughts on a random Saturday.