Podcast Coming Soon


I feel this is worth mentioning … just because. I try to express an objective ideology in whatever I do. I spent time studying communication at Virginia Tech some 5 years ago now, so writing has always been the easiest/clearest way for me to organize my thoughts. And that’s all these are in the end; just thoughts. I dabbled in some Video Blogs for NolanWritin’ this offseason, so when my friend (and co-producer during in-game chats on BBTiA) Ian approached me about starting up a podcast, I thought it sounded like another fun way to have some Rangers’ discussions.

Ian is a law student at the University of Oklahoma, and, well, he’s just a smart cat with some interesting perspective. I think you guys will enjoy the product we deliver.

We are scheduled to run our startup show tomorrow night, but I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll post it to NW’. If it turns out well, I’ll put in on here, but the main motivation of tomorrow’s show is to work out the kinks and make sure everything runs well.

When we get going, we should — at the minimum — have a podcast up once every four weeks. Depending on the season, and how well Ian’s school/work schedule matches up with mine, we could have them out every other week. They’ll run about a half-hour in length, with a focus on the Texas Rangers and the American League West.

Anyway, that’s the plan. I hope you guys check it out.