I Smell Trouble


The Texas Rangers are by far the best team in the West in 2013, and it shows by the fact that early on they are running away with the division. The Houston series was one filled with a lot of runs, but unfortunately it was filled with a lot of runs for both teams. The Rangers bull pen finally looked a little more human than it had so far, and the fact that it happened against the Astros gives me a little pause going forward.

The Oakland Athletics have not been playing good of late. They have lost seven of their last ten games, and some of them have been downright ugly.The Rangers, on the other hand are seven and three in their last ten games. Now I may not be the brightest tool in the light socket (see what I did there?), but to me this spells trouble. The Rangers are never that sharp coming off of a sweep like they just did, and they always seem to have trouble with Oakland. West coast games are hard to watch and hard for the Rangers to play in the first place, and now you have the extra bonus of the fact that the Rangers are flying high and the A’s are down low. This usually means disappointment for the Texas Rangers and their fans.

I know that this might be a skeptical view of things, but every time I think that this team is about to have a break through and go on a nice winning streak, something like what happened in Chicago seems to happen to them. I would be less nervous if they could string together five or six wins in a row, but they don’t seem to be able to do that. Right now would be a great time to put down the A’s, but I don’t believe that the Rangers are going to be able to. I see the Rangers losing tonight, winning tomorrow and losing Wednesday. It is not that I don’t trust Grimm or Ogando, I just don’t trust this offense to continue scoring as much as they did during the Houston series.

I hope that I am wrong on this one, I really do, but I just feel like the Rangers are going to once again bring us down after raising us up over the weekend. Lets see if those bats can prove this skeptic wrong.