Thoughts From a Fan – On Profar and Cruz


Photo Courtesy of Yardbarker

The Rangers are starting a three game series against the Red Sox tonight and I have some thoughts going into this game. Every now and then I will be posting my thoughts and musings for Rangers fans to read and comment on. Agree or disagree, I hope to hear from you.

Ian Kinsler is the second baseman of the first place Texas Rangers, there is no disputing that. We all k ow the loyalty than manager Ron Washington shows to his veteran players, and it is going to be no different in this situation. That does not mean, however, that Ian Kinsler is the Rangers second baseman of the future. He is not. Jurickson Profar is. In the same vein that Michael Young moved to make room for then young phenom Elvis Andrus, Ian will be doing the same thing. In 2014. Not in 2013. Profar will get sent down upon Ian’s return, but don’t lose heart Rangers fans, he will be back this season.

Leonys Martin has seen most of the playing time in the past few weeks at center field, and for the most part he seems to be relishing that role. So what does that mean for Craig Gentry? Well, right now the Rangers have 5 outfielders: David Murphy, Leonys Martin, Nelson Cruz, Jeff Baker, and Craig Gentry. Cruz will not be back in 2014, and neither will Craig Gentry in my opinion. The Rangers should look to move Cruz during this season and see what they could get for him. The Rangers could use an insurance starting pitcher or a couple of pitching prospects. I think Cruz at the head of a package could bring that. Cruz can bring a huge bat to the middle of a contending line up. If the Rangers plan on moving Kinsler to the outfield, right field would be the most logical place for him, and that means no Nelly. Just something to think about.

The Rangers have a three game set against the Bo Sox, which is underway right now. This is going to be a tough road trip for the Texas Rangers, playing Boston and Toronto, and for some reason the Rangers always seem to have trouble in Toronto. Maybe that will change this season. We will have to wait and see.