“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

Coming off of a 7-2 loss at the hands of Chien-Ming Wang and the Toronto Blue Jays, capping a sixth consecutive loss at home in as many days, the Texas Rangers’ season was in the midst of a full-blown derailment, correspondingly tumbling and stumbling on its way to an inevitable collision with the unpleasant surface of rock bottom.

It was clear that the supposedly random occurrences that are the powers-at be of the game of baseball, evolved into a conglomerate of happenstantialism and misfortune.

Looking back at that miserable six game stretch, it can truly be emphasized how truly bizarre the game of baseball is, along with its fickle and conniving nuances.

Whether it be the variabilities of the outcomes of a pitch, of a play, of an inning, of a game or of an entire season, results tend to be polar when observed in spurts, but predictable in extended stretches. It is simply the law of averages.

As things stand today, the Rangers are winners of six of their past seven games, including a current five-game winning streak, which was strung together by the Rangers taking three out of four against the Oakland A’s, along with an impressive three-game sweep of the Cardinals in St. Louis.

Serendipity is beneficial, even necessary at times, but so is having a solid and sound all-around team, the likes of which the Rangers currently employ and have employed for the past four seasons.

Happy mediums would be nice, but oh so boring.