What Goes Around…


AP Photo/Charlie Riedel

The Rangers season was over a little over a week ago according to twitter and social media in general. When I first became a Texas Rangers fan (many, many moons ago) there was no such thing as social media. I didn’t get the opportunity to over-react with all of you like I do now.

But as we all know now, the Rangers went from a six game losing streak to winning six of their next seven, three out of four against the then first place Athletics and then sweeping the team with the best record in baseball in the Cardinals. The return of Kinsler has helped this team, in my opinion, and in Ron Washington’s opinion.

“He’s the straw that stirs the drink,” manager Ron Washington said. “I’ve never doubted that.”

The Rangers have gone 6-3 since Kinsler’s return. That is the only stat I need to see about the teams turn around. It is the leadership that Kinsler brings to this offense in my opinion that makes them a better team when he is on the field. He has a cocky arrogance that says “we are going to win” about him that I like.

And now, riding a five game winning streak, the Rangers are headed to the big apple to face a team that most Rangers fans cannot stand: The New York Yankees.

Tonight’s matchup should be a good one. Yu Darvish (7-3, 2.84 ERA) is 3-1 with a 2.55 ERA on the road this season, but we all remember the dominate performance he had against the Yankees last season. I hope to see that again tonight. Darvish is having quite a season so far, even though he has not won in June yet. He has 137 strike outs, a WAA of 2, a WAR of 2.9, a RAR of 29, and he averages 12.2 strikeout per nine innings. It is time for him to get his first win in June. He will be matched up againstHiroki Kuroda(7-5, 2.78 ERA). Kuroda has only given up four runs in his last two starts. Should be a pitchers duel tonight, which means it won’t be. It will probably wind up being a 8-6 game or something.

Tomorrow the Rangers run out Justin Grimm (6-5, 5.57 ERA) and the Yankees send the agelessAndy Pettitte(5-5, 4.20 ERA). Grimm is 1-1 with a 6.87 in his last three starts. Pettitte is 1-2 with a 4.27 in his last three starts. This game should come down to who can hit with runners in scoring position. The Rangers or the Yankees. Both of these pitchers will put runners on, but only one will emerge as the winner. Lets hope it is the youngster.

Thursday will be Derek Holland (5-4, 3.43 ERA) against Phil Hughes (3-6, 5.09 ERA). If Holland can hold his focus, he should be able to hold down this Yankees line-up. The Rangers should be able to hit off of Hughes, so I see this being a Rangers win.

The Rangers seem to struggle against the Yankees during the regular season, so we will see what will prevail: the winning streak or the bad luck against the Yankees. I can’t wait to see what happens.