The Rangers Are 54-44


It’s conceivable that Texas misses the postseason in 2013, but it’s rationally irresponsible to write them off at this stage of the season.

After losing 4-2 to the Orioles on Sunday, the Rangers (54-44) have now lost 7 of their last 8, which, in a baseball-strange way, comes at the heels of Texas winning 15 of 21 games before that. In a snapshot, that is what the 2013 club has become; not peaks and valleys, no, that’s conservative; the Rangers are either one of the two- or three-best teams in baseball, or frankly they are hard to watch. That’s why I listen to them on the radio every night. But the end product of that, if the egregious patterns were to continue, is roughly an 87-88-win team on the fringe of making it into the playoff field as one of the two wild cards.

Am I suggesting it’s time for the doom and gloom? Not yet, no. I’ll continue being the boring guy that insists that this is just baseball, and streaks happen in baseball, and that Jon Daniels supplying Wyatt Earp-esque action over the trade wires is less important than a few key members of the preferred roster returning from the DL, and, yeah, some offensive regression to the mean wouldn’t hurt, either.