Where Greatness Isn’t Good Enough


Yu Darvish carried a no hitter, as well as a 2-0 lead, into the 7th inning only to see it vanish over the course of two hitters — back-to-back — on two swings. After setting down 18 of the first 19 Twins, 10 by way of the strikeout, Darvish surrendered a two-run homer to some guy named Chris Herrmann before Justin Morneau pulverized a hanging curveball into the upper deck in right field. Just like that, Minnesota leveraged the game in their favor, 3-2, and would not relinquish the lead.


I could kick and scream about how good Yu Darvish is and how I think the media is perpetuating fallacies about Yu lacking the “clutch” gene and how much of a disservice that is to the fan base and its intelligence until you are all blue in the face. I can do that. But I’m not going to do that.

Friday night’s loss hurts standing on its own, though it’s exacerbated by Oakland defeating Tampa Bay to close the gap in the American League West to 2.0 games. Personal diatribes against the media aside, last night is over, and if I’m spending time rehashing on a game that the Rangers no-doubt-about-it should have come away victorious in, it’s only going to take away from the business that still needs to be handled over these remaining 28 games. I’d love to stay as mad as I felt once Yu Darvish allowed those home runs, how I felt the loss was unfair to me, personally, but if I’m not looking forward then it isn’t going to do much good.

If I have to explain any further just how exceptional the Rangers #1, ace pitcher is, then I’ve failed you. I don’t write to idiots; you are expected to know at this point.