It’s Time



Time is a relative entity; relative to space, relative to feeling.

Time is everything. Time is now.

It was during the Rangers’ miserable go of things to begin the month of September, that time couldn’t go by any more deliberately, but now with three games left on this arduous 2013 season, I don’t want time to end.

The odds are stacked heavily against the Rangers to make the playoffs. We know this. The players know this. The Rays and Indians are fully aware of it. Yet as time passes, there is nothing that can be done but play good baseball and hope that the end result is a win. So far, the Rangers have accomplished this task, but to much misfortune, the Rays and Indians have yet to lose.

This is the reality that the Rangers face, and time is running out.

Yet as each day passes, nearing closer to the undesired end to the season, the dignified feeling of catharsis is unmistakable.

The Rangers have contended all season long, and for that, I am content with whatever takes place in these final three games against the Angels, and for whatever takes place in Minnesota and Toronto.

Because in the end, there will always be more yesterday’s than tomorrow’s, as much like life, baseball is never perfect, but hope exists in a similar reality to that of time and for that, I am hopeful. I am solemnly content. The Rangers have given me hope.

Now let’s all hope that time can continue past the regular season and into the one-game Wild Card playoff.

Baseball doesn’t get much better than this.

“It’s time”.