The Rise and Fall of David Murphy the Ranger


Sep 14, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Oakland Athletics catcher Kurt Suzuki (22) looks back as Texas Rangers left fielder David Murphy (7) reacts to striking out looking to end the baseball game at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. The Athletics won 1-0. Mandatory Credit: Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

David Murphy has long been on of my personal favorite Rangers. I like his personality, his drive, his ability to come off the bench and have an impact. He is an all around good guy. He has also had some great years, and especially great months for the Rangers. That time has now come to an end.

David Murphy had an abysmal year by all standards, and that was coming from a guy who not too much is expected from. In 2013, a contract year for Murphy, he had a career worst in batting average (.220), on base percentage (.282), slugging percentage (.374), tied a career high in grounding into double plays (11). his runs above replacement in 2013 was -15, a stark difference from his 2012 RAA of 15. Also, his wins above replacement in 2013 was -1.4, and again he posted a WAA of 1.5 in 2012. It was the first season that he was considered an everyday player, and he did not show the Rangers organization that it was a good choice to name him an everyday starter.

I really liked David Murphy in the roll of fourth outfielder that he filled for this ball club for several years, and with the fact that Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz couldn’t stay on the field, David got plenty of playing time and had some great seasons for the Texas Rangers. But I believe that his time as a Ranger is up, which is a shame. He did a great job for several years, but in 2013, he sealed his own fate with his worst major league season ever.

Murphy did show the Rangers that a fourth outfielder is very important, and right now the Rangers have a pretty good one in Craig Gentry. The thing that they are missing and need to address this off season is a third outfielder. Will the Rangers resign Nelson Cruz? My gut tells me no, some other team will offer him a multi-year deal, much bigger than the Rangers are willing to go on him. I have not done a ton of research yet to see who will be available in the off season, but I feel pretty good about Leonys Martin and Alex Rios in center and right.

So will the Rangers even make Murphy an offer? Would you want him back as the fourth man if the Rangers did make him an offer. As much as I like Murph, I am going to have to say no at this point, unless it is at a really reduced salary. And once again, I don’t see Murph or the Rangers coming to terms with that.