Should the Rangers be all in on Profar?


Ian Kinsler has been a good second baseman for the Texas Rangers. His numbers speak for themselves and his is now a veteran leader on the squad. So should the Rangers tempt fate by either asking him to move positions or try to trade him and make Jurickson Profar the new second baseman? The discussion among writers and talkers alike has been exactly that, but does in actually make sense for the future of the Texas Rangers?

There is always risk associated with replacing a good fielder with a prospect. Jurickson has been a decent major league player so far, but he has not been as good as Ian. In Profar’s defense, he had to jump all kind of positions last season, and did not get to play everyday, and I think that will make a difference in the future, whether it’s with the Texas Rangers or with another team. We all remember what happened when Elvis got called up, and Michael Young was a little upset. This situation is different though. Jurickson has already spent time in the majors, most of last season, and the team knows that if he is going to stay, he needs to be an everyday player. The front office seems sold out to me on this.

The way of baseball is usually old for new. A lot of teams trade away prospects to get a player who has already established himself, but the Texas Rangers seem to be building from within these days. Sure, they have made their trades for Cliff Lee and Matt Garza and others, but they also have guys like Derek Holland, Elvis Andrus, Ian Kinsler, Craig Gentry and Martin Perez among others who have been brought up from the minor leagues. I am tentative to get rid of a talent like Ian Kinlser, but I also know that the infield is very congested and Profar has a high ceiling from everything I have seen and read. If you can get something good in return (which I don’t see why they couldn’t), I say it is time to have Profar be the everyday second baseman and Kinsler either to be at another position or traded to another team.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of Ian, and would love for him to stay on with the Texas Rangers, but as with the Michael Young situation, it seems that guys who love their position eventually get traded away. May as well get something in return for Ian now instead of waiting like they did with Young. So my short answer is, yes, I believe that it is time for the Texas Rangers to be all in on Jurickson Profar. Whether they are or not will be known in the not too distant future.