My Rangers Christmas Wish List


Dec 16, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys fan dressed as Santa Claus during the game aagainst the Pittsburgh Steelers at Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboys beat the Steelers 27-24 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

When asked what I want for every year since I can’t remember when,  I always say the same thing. I want Texas Rangers World Series championship gear. And every season I am disappointed. I have yet to get what I ask for, but I feel like one day my dream will come true and I will get to wear that shirt and that hat that says that the Texas Rangers are in fact World Champions. But until that fateful and wonderful day comes, I have a few other Christmas wishes I hope can come true.

For Christmas this year, I want Santa to promise me that the Rangers rotation will be healthy for the entire 2014 season. I want all five of our starters, whomever the fifth starter may be (please let it be a healthy Colby Lewis), to have a health season. I am not asking for them to be amazing all the way through the season, although that would be great too, I just want them to be healthy. I think that if they are healthy, they will be successful.

Next, I want Santa to bring me a bounce back year for Prince Fielder. By all accounts, he had a down year for Detroit last season, but I think with that short right field wall and wedge at Arlington, Prince can have a really nice season for the Texas Rangers. I don’t mind if he is designated hitter sometimes and first base sometimes, as long as his offensive is what I imagine in my mind that it can be. If that happens, he will be quite the difference maker for the Rangers.

After that, I want Santa to bring me a dominate middle of the infield. I want Jurickson Profar and Elvis Andrus to be the best one two punch in the business up the middle. The double play duo to end all double play duo’s. I want Profar to wow us and Elvis to continue to wow us on defense, and then I would like both of them to hit for some power as well. At least forty stolen bases for Elvis would be nice too, but I’ll be happy if their defense can be magical.

Lastly, I would like the Texas Rangers closer, whomever that may be, to be so dominate that we all ask “Joe Nathan who?” by the all-star break. I want a closer that is lights out dominate, a closer that other teams wish they had, a closer that other teams dread to face. I want a guy that has a three up and three down inning more times than not. I want a Mo Rivera for the Texas Rangers. I would be fine with that being either Tanner Scheppers, Neftali Feliz or Joakim Soria, but whomever it is I want them to be dominate.

So Santa, if you can bring me those things, I will forgive you for letting me down after the 2011 season. Am I asking too much? I don’t think so, but I may be delusional.