Healthy Pitching is the Key for the Rangers


If you take a look back at the way the last two seasons went for the Rangers, you’ll notice a trend. The Rangers had trouble keeping guys healthy. Especially rotation guys. Matt Harrison, Derek Holland, Colby Lewis and Alexi Ogando just to name a few. The Rangers seem to have been bitten with the injury bug frequently. And despite the injury trouble, the Rangers made the Wild Card game in 2012 and got to a play in game in 2013. And in 2013, they didn’t even have the bats to justify them being there.

So I know it’s cliche, but the key to the Texas Rangers success in 2014 will be health. And the Texas Rangers have added some of that to the roster. Prince Fielder has been very healthy and very consistent in his career. In 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013 he played all 162 games and in 2010 he played 161. So first base should be covered for the Rangers. Shin-Soo Choo, the Rangers other big addition during the off-season, played in 155 games (2012) and 154 games (2013). I believe he will be good.

But the key will be the rotation guys. The Texas Rangers had a healthy rotation in 2011, the year they should have won the World Series. If Yu Darvish, Derek Holland, Martin Perez and Matt Harrison can stay healthy, I think this team has the ability to be something special. With the additions they have made to their offense, I am once again excited about this Rangers team. We still don’t know who the fifth starter will be, but if the first four can stay healthy, I think this team will make a serious run. And I know that is a big if. When healthy the Rangers rotation can compete with just about anyone in the American League.

I wish there was some sort of magic formula to keep their arms and fingers and hamstrings healthy, but if there was the Texas Rangers wouldn’t be the only team using the formula, so I guess we all need to just sit back and see if the Rangers can have another 2011 as far as pitching health goes. Lets keep our fingers crossed, because if they do, this could be another exciting season.