New Years Resolution – Rangers Style


Dec 27, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas Rangers president of baseball operations Jon Daniels (left) presents new outfielder

Shin-Soo Choo

(right) with a team cap during the press conference at Texas Rangers Ballpark. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The new year is now upon us and let me start off by saying happy new year to each and everyone of you. It has been a great year here at Nolan Writin, and that wouldn’t be possible without you, the reader. We appreciate all of the comments, even the ones that don’t agree with us! Keep them coming!

Now you all know when this time of the year is upon us, we all make certain resolutions, whether it is to lose weight, eat more healthy, knock some things off your bucket list or just plain resolve not to make a resolution, we all make some of one kind or another. I am no different. Besides hoping to become rich and famous, I have made a few Texas Rangers related new years resolutions and I would like to take this time to relay them to you.

1) To not over react on Twitter. If you spend anytime at all on twitter during the baseball season, you know that there is a lot of over reaction during the season and especially in game. People lead us to believe that all hope is lost for the entire season because Yu Davish gave up one home-run or Ian Kinsler popped up four at bats in a row (or sometimes just once). I am going to do my best not to be one of those guys this season (you can follow me on twitter @therangerreport). I love interacting with other fans on twitter, and I am not offended at over-reactors, but I will try not to be one of them.

2) I will not boo Josh Hamilton. Once again, if you want to boo Josh, that is your prerogative, you paid your money and I will not stop you. I just personally won’t do it. Josh was an amazing player as a Ranger, and I like to remember the good times, not the ill advised things he said after signing with the Angels. I did not boo him last season either, but I am making it a resolution this year.

3) I will write more. As the co-editor of this site, I have an obligation to keep you entertained and informed about the Rangers. I also run a site called The Ranger Report. I am going to try and make my sites the only place you need to go for Rangers fix. I know that is asking a lot of you, but we will try and make it worth your while.

4) Start a Rangers Podcast. I have done one before on my other site, and  I am going to try and start a podcast here for your listening pleasure. We want to have fun and also give you all the Rangers information and insight you have to come to expect from us. Hope to get it going soon and when we do I hope you give it a chance.

5) Attend a Rangers World Series Game. Pipe dream? Maybe, but maybe not. The Rangers are shaping up to be a pretty good team in 2014 with Yu Darvish leading the rotation and Adrian Beltre and Prince Fielder heading up the bats. I have never made a Rangers play-off game, and I hope to do that this season in the form of a World Series game. That would be a true dream come true for me.

Hope you enjoyed my list, let me know if you have anything personally to add to it, and thanks for reading.