Eric Nadel – Ford C Frick Award Winner and Texas Rangers Hall of Famer


August 11, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas Rangers radio broadcaster Eric Nadel waves to fans after being inducted into the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame before the game against the Detroit Tigers at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Mandatory Credit: Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

When you get the unique opportunity to interview Eric Nadel, voice of the Rangers, you don’t say no and you re-arrange your schedule to do it. That is exactly what I did with the help of Nathan Hague of The Hague Sports. It is the second time that I have had the privilege of interviewing the broadcasting legend, and I am excited to tell you that it will air on our weekly podcast tonight at 9 pm ct on Blog Talk Radio. I thought I would wet your appetite a little and give you some of the questions and answers from said interview, and I hope you tune in tonight and listen to the full discussion.

Nathan: “First of all, congratulations on winning the Ford C Frick Award, what does that mean to you?”

Nadel: “It’s just an incredible honor, it’s really exciting. To see the names of the people who have won the award before, you know many of whom I grew up listening to and are pretty much my idols in broadcasting, it’s just phenomenal, I’m still kind of in disbelief.”

Ben: “How much do you think integrity and off the field issues do you think play a part in off the field voting…?”

Nadel: “Clearly it plays a role in the voting… I don’t know how much it should play a role in the voting, but clearly it does. When you look at the fact that Ty Cobb is in there and he was pretty much a miserable human being, Gaylord Perry is in there who cheated much of his career, it’s tough, it’s a slippery slope when you have to pass judgment in that kind of way, and in that regard I’m sort of thankful that broadcasters do not get a chance to vote…”

Nadel: “Well I don’t know if anyone is going to have the impact that Josh Hamilton had his first year with the Rangers, but I do expect that he will hit over forty home-runs, and I think he will drive in well over one-hundred runs, so I think he is going to be a big gun…

We went on to ask Eric about Shin-soo Choo, Nelson Cruz, and other Rangers news that happened during the off-season. It was a real pleasure to talk with him and I hope you can find the time to listen and enjoy to our interview.