Are the Texas Rangers Looking to Replace Derek Holland Outside of the Club?


Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers’ General Manager Jon Daniels was a guest on ESPN Radio 103.3FM Rangers Hot Stove this past Sunday. Among other topics covered, JD was asked if there was a change of urgency in going after Masahiro Tanaka now that Derek Holland is out until the All-Star break due to his recent knee surgery. Jon Daniels replied

"No.  You know who you like and who you don’t.  Who you can afford and who you can’t."

When asked if the Texas Rangers would use a pitcher from within the organization or go outside and get someone, he was more candid than I had expected,

"[We] may go out and get someone.  I’d venture and say we probably will."

Does this mean that Matt Garza might be back in the mix?  Even though the Texas Rangers have been rumored to working on a one-year deal with Jerome Williams, Garza could still be Daniels’ choice.

The Texas Rangers had showed interest in Matt Garza when he first became a free-agent in 2011, after he threw a no-hitter against the Detroit Tigers in 2010.  However, Garza signed with the Chicago Cubs, where he was later traded to the Rangers in 2013.  The Texas Rangers were hoping to have Garza rise to the occasion and help get to the post-season; however, Garza had a rough time in the short time he started.  In the 13 games he started he gave up 47 runs, 12 home-runs and ended the season with a 4.38 ERA.

After becoming a free-agent at the end of the 2013 season, Matt Garza is aiming for a long-term contract, which Daniels is not unlikely to give.  Although, with the Rangers #2 starting pitcher out, Daniels is clearly looking to sign a pitcher to add depth into the rotation and knows that Garza is more than capable of providing that.  With pitchers reporting to Spring Training in 28 days, Garza might be ready to negotiate a deal that the Rangers feel comfortable with.  Jon Daniels could offer Matt Garza a one year deal that would make it worth while for both parties.  That would also give Matt Garza a full season to display his value to the organization, which could later turn into a multi-year deal, which would be a win-win for Garza and the Texas Rangers.