Rangers Baseball Getting Closer


Adrian Beltre (AP Photo)

As I see the social media posts of the Rangers in minicamps and the appearances that the players are making and the countdowns beginning, it gets me excited to realize that Rangers baseball is close at hand. I only have 67 days left before I can see opening day, and that truly makes me happy.

So what am I looking forward to seeing in the upcoming season? Well since you asked, I will tell you. I am looking forward to seeing how the new revamped Rangers offense will look with the additions of Shin-soo Choo ans the new leadoff man, Prince Fielder and Adrian Beltre batting back to back and Jurickson Profar being in the line-up everday will change the Rangers offense. Lets face it, the Rangers offense was not a great force in the American League in 2013, they ranked seventh in home runs, seventh in RBI, eleventh in walks and seventh in runs scored. Prince should help with the home runs, and Choo should help with the walks. And who knows what Profar will help with.

I am looking forward to seeing Yu Darvish pitch, seeing if Martin Perez can repeat the great season he had in 2013, seeing if Matt Harrison can pitch and be effective, and seeing who wins the fifth starter spot for the Rangers. I am also looking forward to seeing if the Rangers bull pen can be as good or better as they were in 2013, and who will really step up and be great in that pen. I think the pen is probably one of the Rangers best strengths.

I am also very excited about spring training and watching the minor league guys compete for a spot and seeing who is the surprise of camp this season. There is always one that comes out of camp and wins a spot. It was Jeff Baker in 2013, I can’t wait to see who it is in 2014.

I know there is a game coming up called the Super Bowl, and as much as I like football, I can’t wait for the baseball season to get here. It can’t get here soon enough!