Five Bold Predictions for the Texas Rangers’ Lineup in 2014

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Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2014 season approaching it is time to make a stand about what might come for the Texas Rangers. Below is five bold predictions for what we will see from the Texas Rangers’ lineup in 2014.

1. Prince Fielder hits 35 homeruns and out does his career average wRC+.

Prince Fielder is a borderline superstar and has proven over the years that he can post monster numbers. At the time of the Prince Fielder for Ian Kinsler trade critics of the trade pointed out Fielder’s below average 2013 season. These people argue Fielder is already declining because of his size. Fielder is only 29. Perhaps his skills will deteriorate more quickly than the average player but most players, especially elite players like Fielder, slowly fade instead of abruptly crumble. Fielder still has a lot of good years left. This year will see a big bounce back for the big bopper. His career wRC+ is 140. Fielder also accounted for 2.2 WAR despite a 125 wRC+ so his defense is suspect. I will not make a related to his defense or WAR but Fielder will be rejuvenated in coming to Texas and will respond with huge numbers. Fielder will surpass his 140 wRC+ in 2014 and make Jon Daniels look like the genius he is.