Photos and Notes from Rangers Fan Fest 2014

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Ron Washington was up for the next question and answer session.

Texas Rangers Fan Fest 2014 – Photo by David Cash

Ron Washington talked about the starting rotation going into spring training and also talked about the ace of the club Yu Darvish.  At this point, Washington has Yu Darvish as the opening day starter.  After his performance last year, he’s earned the top honor going in to 2014.

He was also asked about Colby Lewis.  Lewis probably won’t be a starter anytime soon, but he is healthy and they have watch video of him pitching.

"“He’s on schedule to compete and be ready, and we just have to see how the hip reacts to competition starts at spring training.  I certainly have a spot in the rotation open.”   said Ron Washington"

Washington was also asked by about Prince Fielder.  Washington compared Prince Fielder to Adrian Beltre as a player that wants to be in the line up everyday.  He does plan on giving Fielder at least a half day rest by putting him in as DH.  Washington also joked that he’ll have a hard time making Fielder take a day off.

Washington was also asked by a kid why he traded away Ian Kinsler.  Washington replied by saying he was at home when he got the call that Detroit wanted to trade Prince Fielder.  He asked what they wanted in return and they said Ian Kinsler.  He said it wasn’t a quick decision and they had to weigh their options.  He said they had the chance to get Fielder before he went to Detroit, but it didn’t work out then.  He said they couldn’t pass it up again and moved forward with the trade.  He said Kinsler was a class act and appreciated his time with the Texas Rangers, but now he’s with Detroit, watch out.