Five Bold Predictions for the Texas Rangers in 2014

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3. The ballpark in Arlington starts to shed its hitters ballpark reputation.

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington has long had a reputation of favoring hitters. It is not as extreme as Great American Ballpark (Cincinnati) or Coors Field (Colorado) but it has been known as one of the more hitter friendly parks. Part of this designation comes from the usually offensively heavy Rangers teams of seasons past and part from the jet stream that swirls in Arlington summers. With recent renovations the jetstream has been significantly diminished. Media outside of Arlington still has RBiA labeled as a hitters park but in reality it is far more neutral now. Perhaps it is hard to quantify how this prediction might be evaluated, however, when you hear a commentator on ESPN or  MLB Network argue that RBiA is no longer a true hitters park remember that you heard it here first.