Let Baseball Begin!


March 29, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Arizona Diamondbacks third baseman Martin Prado (14) singles in the fourth inning during a spring training game against the Cincinnati Reds at Chase Field. Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Diamondbacks officially began the 2014 baseball season today when pitchers and catchers reported for duty at spring training. The fact that a team has already reported for spring training makes me hungry for the Texas Rangers to get to camp and get things going! I am ready to read and report the news everyday of the happenings at camp, I am ready to hear the arguments on who will win what spot, I am ready to see the spring training games on my television and I am ready to watch some Texas Rangers baseball, even if it is Spring Training baseball.

The Rangers have some questions that need to be answered during the spring, and they will get answered. Soon now that the spring season is officially underway in Major League Baseball! The day the first team reports is always an exciting day for anyone who loves baseball, no matter where you team is in the order of reporting. It is nice to know that a major league team is now under way in getting their 2014 season started. The Texas Rangers don’t report their pitchers and catchers until next week, but I get a warm fuzzy feeling in my gut knowing that it is only a week away from happening for my favorite team. The craziness that surrounds the beginning of camp is always fun and you can expect the writers here at NolanWritin to have you covered day in and day out. So sit back and get ready for the most exciting time of the year! Baseball Spring Training is officially upon us, time to go baseball crazy for the next seven months!