Truck Day signals Spring Training is near – What’s left to do


Arlington, TX – Texas Rangers Truck Day 2/7/2014 Departs for Surprise, Arizona – Photo by David Cash

Today the equipment truck was loaded up and headed out towards Surprise, Arizona.  The Texas Rangers pitchers and catchers will report to Spring Training on February 16 and start their first workout on the 17th.  The position players will arrive on February 19, and start the their full workout the next day.

The Diamondbacks have already started their spring training and the Los Angeles Dodgers will have their pitchers and catchers report tomorrow.

As spring training gets closer, the build up of the 2014 team is starting to take shape.  There are only a few questions left for the Texas Rangers.

Currently, Mitch Moreland is the last player the Texas Rangers are in arbitration with.   Both sides must come up with an agreement or it will go to an arbitrator between now and February 21.   The Rangers are offering about $2 million, but Moreland is requesting $3.35 million for a one-year deal.  Neither side so far has made any changes to the offer and it could go to an arbitration hearing.

Also, as we know, Wrigley the dog has caused some drama this offseason.  Derek Holland will miss at least the first third of the season.  The Texas Rangers are still in need of another starting pitcher.  They are reportedly talking with Tommy Hanson, a former starter for the Los Angeles Angels and Atlanta Braves.  Hanson was pretty solid in his early years with the Braves, but since a rotator injury in 2011 he hasn’t been the same.  He had a record of 7-4 and an ERA of 5.42 last season with the Angels.

The Rangers also took a look at the top Korean pitcher Suk-min Yoon this week at their Surprise, Arizona facility.   Yoon threw 30 bullpen pitches in front of the Texas Rangers staff and also the Chicago Cubs staff.    To find out more about Yoon, read here.

Also, there is still a chance the Texas Rangers could bring back Nelson Cruz.  Currently, it is being reported that the Seattle Mariners are talking to him and are open to a multi-year deal.  But they could also pick up Kendrys Morales.  If Nelson Cruz doesn’t return, in my opinion, definitely make Mitch Moreland the DH and almost an everyday player.

Arlington, TX – Texas Rangers Truck Day 2/7/2014 – Photo by David Cash

Matt Harrison is also feeling very well.  He’s been working out and preparing for the season.  He’s lost some weight and his back is feeling much better.  He is one piece the Texas Rangers could use in their starting rotation.  Currently, it appears that it is likely Harrison will return and could be his former self.  When Harrison was healthy, he was probably one of the best in the starting rotation.

Just 52 more days until Opening day.  It’s time for some Spring Training and baseball again.