A few thoughts on Nolan Ryan going to Houston


Apr 30, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas Rangers president

Nolan Ryan

smiles in his seat during the game between the Chicago White Sox and Texas Rangers at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. The Rangers won 10-6. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday former Texas Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan agreed to return to the Houston Astros as a special assistant to the owner Jim Crane.  Now many Texas Rangers fans are upset and have been voicing their opinions on Twitter and Facebook.

Some are excited

Some are not pleased with the decision.  If you want to see their Tweets, I’ll let you find them.  There are plenty out there.  Some of the comments basically say he’ll always be a Ranger to them, some blame Jon Daniels, and others can’t believe he’d work with Jim Crane after the auction in Fort Worth when Crane was trying to buy the team.

In my opinion, Nolan Ryan is doing the right thing.  First of all, he’s free to work for which ever club he chooses.  He was with the Texas Rangers as a player, and brought 5 great years of pitching to Texas and 2 no hitters.   One of the best things that Tom Hicks did during this time as the owner was bringing Ryan on as the President in 2008.  And shortly after that in 2010, Ryan and group bought the Rangers making him the CEO.

Ryan gave his all to the team as a player, as a president and as an CEO.  Unfortunately it came time for him to move on.  I won’t go in to the why’s and how’s on that part, but after he left on October 31, most people knew he wouldn’t stay away from baseball very long.

He’s a baseball guy, he’s always been a baseball guy.  Ryan started playing in the majors at age 19, and you can probably expect him to be involved with baseball as much as he can be for the rest of his life.  After he left the Rangers, going to the Astros is a very logical step for him to take.

Besides being with the club for 9 years as a player, his son Reid Ryan is the president.  Now maybe Jim Crane had some forethought with hiring Reid to possibly get Nolan, who knows but Crane.  But, if I were in his position and had a chance to be working with my son at the level they are, it is an easy decision.

Also, Crane has given Ryan an easy baseball job.  Unlike the job he had with the Rangers, Ryan won’t have an office and won’t be living in Houston.  Jim Crane and the Astros organization will be able to use Nolan Ryan anytime for his baseball knowledge and guidance.  If you look at it from the retirement aspect, he get’s to still take it a little easier and enjoy things.

So for those of you upset with him going to the Astros, it’s okay, I get it and so does everyone else.  I’d prefer to have Nolan Ryan stay with the Rangers for ever.  I’m mean who else is going to cook up 20,00 hot dogs for us on game day.  He did a great job, I’ll always remember that.  Here’s what I have to say to Ryan.  Best of luck to you in Houston and thanks for all you did for the Texas Rangers.