What a Stronger Josh Hamilton Means to the Texas Rangers


Sep 26, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Los Angeles Angels designated hitter

Josh Hamilton

(32) singles during the first inning against the Texas Rangers at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that Josh Hamilton had a very rough season in 2013 for the Texas Rangers rivals the Angels, and he also had a tough season from Texas Rangers fans who never forgave him for saying this was not a “baseball town”. Josh was smaller last season and therefore was not able to drive the ball like he did during his time in a Texas Rangers uniform, and that was just fine with us. But this spring training, Josh has come in around 20 pounds heavier than he did last season.

"“I’m used to when I miss balls that I still have a chance,” said Hamilton. “Last year I didn’t feel that was there. … I feel a lot stronger. I’ve never really lifted heavy weights and you’ve got to lift heavy weights and put on a lot of calories in your body.” Sports Day DFW"

A bigger stronger Josh should be something to worry about for Texas Rangers fans. We watched a bigger stronger Josh for all those years playing for the Rangers, and now he says he feels that way again and he will be playing against the Texas Rangers. Josh is talented, there is no denying that, and he is not going to have another season like he did in 2013. I look for Hamilton to be a man on a mission this season to prove to all the Angels fans that last season was a fluke and what they watched in Arlington all of those seasons is the real Josh Hamilton. You would think that with names like Mike Trout, Albert Pujlos and others batting around Hamilton that he would eventually see some pitches to hit, and if he does we all know what he can do to those pitches.

So should Texas Rangers fans be worried that he will put it together again for the 2014 season? I believe so. I have always thought that Josh was one of the most talented pure hitters I have ever watched, and I feel like he will be back to his old self this season. Look for Josh to be launching balls all over the place in 2014. It will be up to the Texas Rangers pitching staff to not get overconfident because of the way Josh played last season, but stick to their game plan and pitch Josh down and in. And if he learns to take that down and in pitch, watch out, because it could be a very long season for Texas Rangers fans if Josh and the Angels finally put it all together offensively. If he does put it together, Texas Rangers fans will have a brand new reason to boo Josh Hamilton all over again.