Wednesday’s recap – A bearded Elvis, Fielder’s haircut, and Lewis impresses


June 11, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas Rangers short stop Elvis Andrus smiles in the dugout during the third inning against the Cleveland Indians at Rangers Ballpark. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Spring training has started for the rested of the Texas Rangers.  Yesterday all position players reported to camp and some took to the field for some early workouts.

Pitchers and catchers continued to get their workouts in, but Tanner Scheppers still sidelined.  On Tuesday he had some back spasms after doing squats didn’t pitch Tuesday or Wednesday.  But, this is all precautionary  and nothing serious to worry about.  Scheppers said he is feeling much better.  I’d expect him to be pitching again soon.

Right now the Rangers are not trying to push anyone and are trying to be careful as players are starting their spring workouts.  During Evan Grant’s Wednesday’s Q and A I was able to ask the following.

"“We’ve seen some players taking it slow due to back spasm, and other soreness/injuries. Seems normal for the first week of spring training when guys are getting back out there. What are your thoughts”He responded“The Rangers can’t afford injuries of aggressiveness when we are talking about missing one or two bullpens in February. Think they are taking a smart, conservative approach. Everybody in the free world thinks spring training is too long anyway.” (Dallas News – Evan Grant)"

So when you see things on Twitter or articles about pitchers missing a session or two, right now it shouldn’t be a concern.  I’ll start to worry when the season is close and they are missing spring training games.

Colby Lewis continues to look good this spring training.   He’s one guy that could be a the difference maker in the rotation.  He’s very confident he’ll make it back this year, and the more I see him pitch, the more I believe it.  If the Texas Rangers are able to have 6 starters they can use this season, that should enable them to give rest when needed and to be able to overcome some of the injuries that the were not able to overcome last year.

Ron Washington was also very excited to see Lewis doing well.  He has also noticed that Colby is feeling better and is more comfortable on the mound.  Lewis has said that this is the first time since 2006 he had thrown without pain.

One piece news from yesterday was the that Ron Washington has already set his line-up.  He hasn’t seen the position players practice yet, but he’s already got in mind how he see the line-up.

He’s said that the first 5 he’s pretty sure on, that leaves some room for things to change with the bottom 4. 

Also, Prince Fielder arrived at camp yesterday.  He appears to be leaner, but he joked and said maybe it’s just his new haircut.  But he has been working out over the offseason by doing some MMA style training and lifting some weights.  He wouldn’t say how much weight he’s lost, basically because he probably doesn’t know.  He said scales aren’t allowed in his house.  Which I’m ok with!  I’m ready to see Fielder get some game action.  In my opinion, the change of scenery is the best thing for Fielder and he’s going to have a great year.   Watching him and Beltre batting back-to-back is going to be very exciting.

Another picture of Fielder.

Video by Richard Durrett of Prince taking some grounders.

Elvis Andrus was sporting a new beard yesterday.  Guess he’s trying to bring the beard thing to Texas or he just misses Mike Napoli.

Now that everyone has arrived at camp, players can now start to get serious and get ready for the regular season.   Maybe some of the others will start doing some workouts with Fielder, just don’t get hurt!  Or they’ll all grow beard like Elvis, but it’s been done before with the Red Sox.  It worked for them, maybe it will for the Rangers.  Maybe they’ll all go with the Fielder hair cut.    Either way, baseball is back!