Matt Harrison – A Little Less Sore Today


As we all know by now Matt Harrison was sent back to Dallas to get an MRI on his back yesterday.  What seems like some pretty good news came via Twitter today:

Matt Harrison is feeling better. YEAH!\

Harrison mentioned to ESPN Dallas that the MRI showed nothing significant either and that he will be evaluated again on Monday by the same doctor that performed his two previous back surgeries.

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one that took a deep breath yesterday after the MRI news.  I also immediately started thinking about who could fill in if Matty was out in April (or longer) and/or who the veteran free agent options might be.

Some might see that as an overreaction, but I think we, as Rangers fans, are a bit shell-shocked after the toll The Great Injury Bug of 2013 took last season.  It’s also particularly difficult not to panic in the case of Harrison, who had three surgeries last year alone.

Obviously looking into other arms is not the worst idea in the world.  But here’s to hoping that what Matty was feeling yesterday was just a small tweak and that he’ll be ready to go for opening day.

If not, your friends here at Nolan Writin’ will have you covered on our options and who might be filling out the rotation come March 31st.

Happy Friday everybody!