The Texas Rangers Bunting Train Rolls On


Feb 17, 2014; Surprise, AZ, USA; Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington during team practice at Surprise Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t be expecting the Texas Rangers bunting train to dock at the station for a rest anytime soon, according to what Ron Washington, Texas Rangers manager said on Sunday at Spring Training. We all know that Washington has a tendency to bunt first, ask questions later. When asked if anyone had shown him analytics showing him that bunting doesn’t work anymore, Washington responded

"“If they do that, they’ll be telling me how to manage, I’ll tell them they can shove those analytics.” Wash went on to say “When I feel it’s necessary, not when the analytics feel it’s necessary, not when you guys feel it’s necessary, not when somebody else feels it’s necessary. It’s when Ron Washington feels it’s necessary.”"

It appears that this may be a touchy subject with Ron Washington, and we all know it is a touchy subject with a large group of Texas Rangers fans. As I am on twitter quite frequently during Texas Rangers baseball games, I would say the number one complaint I see on there during games is anytime a bunting situation comes up. It irritates most Texas Rangers fans to no end.

We all know that bunting is part of the game of baseball, and we all know that it can be useful from time to time to move a guy over when you really need a run, but the complaint that I agree with the most is when it is very early in a scoreless game and Ron is bunting. I am not a major league manager, nor will I ever be, and I don’t claim to be as smart or as good at managing a game as anyone who has ever done it, but I don’t get the early and often bunting philosophy. I would let my guys swing away, but then again, I have only won championships on video games.

So if Ron Washington’s bunting calls irritated you last season, then prepare yourself, cause he plans on irritating you again in 2014. So lets all “square up” for another Texas Rangers season.