Yu Darvish Opening day starter, The Last 5 Starters

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2011 C.J. Wilson

2010 didn’t end the way Rangers fans had hoped, but at least the Texas Rangers did make it to the World Series. In case you some how didn’t know, it was the first time in franchise history they had made it that far.

Wilson didn’t have his best stuff for Opening day and blamed it one issues with his hamstring.  Because of those issues, his fastball wasn’t quite as fast, and he had to mix up his pitches to remain effective.  But over the 5.2 innings, Wilson was rung up for 4 runs, 2 unearned, but again, the offense managed to carry the team to a win.

"“I was throwing everything I had,” Wilson said. “It was still a great day for the team. That was the big thing — even last year on days I didn’t have my best stuff, the offense picked me up.” (MLB.com -TR Sullivan)"

After the season, it was heavily speculated that he wouldn’t be rejoining the Rangers.  I felt that way too, mainly because he had mentioned numerous times that he grew up in California and would love to play out there.  When the offseason started, the bidding started, and the Rangers didn’t win, making him an Angel.  After that many fans turned on him, which they probably started to do way earlier than that for various reasons.  But Wilson did give the Rangers a solid year finishing with a record of 16-7 with an ERA of 2.94.  He was very strong during the regular season, but almost a complete disappointment in the postseason.  He had a postseason record of 1-5 with an ERA of 4.82.  Give him credit for getting the Rangers there, but he didn’t finish it.  Maybe that’s part of the reason some fans have a major dislike for him.