Russell Wilson will workout and suit up on Monday


Feb 5, 2014; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (3) celebrates during a Super Bowl championship parade held in downtown Seattle. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Wilson, who the Texas Rangers acquired during the rule 5 draft during the winter meetings, will indeed be taking part in the morning workouts with the team.

The Super Bowl winning quarterback’s agent went back-and-forth about what he’ll do at spring training and even if he’ll attend, but recently Wilson tweeted last week his plans to visit the camp.  Which excited Ranger fans and probably Seattle Mariners fans.  I’m guessing Mariners fans because he’s plays from the Seattle Seahawks and helped bring a championship to the city.  The last champions they had was back in 1976 when the Sonics won the NBA title.

The Rangers announced today that Wilson will take part in the morning workouts, and I would guess he’s some where tonight practicing in a batting cage.  Not saying he’s not ready, but that’s how Wilson is.  He’s dedicated and very professional.  Some have called this a publicity stunt, I say no, the Rangers had this planned long before he won the Super Bowl.  Also, in my opinion, having Wilson is one of the best things they can do this spring training.  He’ll be able to talk to coaches and players and sharing his stories.  Sometimes when you have a guy like that around, its hard not to follow what he’s doing.

Wilson will also be with the team and will wear a Rangers uniform during the game against the Cleveland Indians on Monday.  Although, he’ll only be in the dugout and isn’t scheduled to actually play in the game.

For those going to the game, there seems to be some speculation that there will be Russell Wilson jerseys and shirts for sale.  For as much as he represents, I’d get one.  He’s a great leader, and a very positive role model for everyone on the team, young and old.  Looking forward to seeing him suit up on Monday.