Now Pitching for the Texas Rangers: Who?


Jun 3, 2012; Toronto, ON, Canada; Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Daniel Bard (51) delivers a pitch against the Toronto Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Today the Texas Rangers play their first game of the season, almost an exhibition type game against the Kansas City Royals. Yesterday we took a look at some guys that you may not know who will be attempting to make this or another team by showcasing their talent at the dish. Today we are going to look at the guys who will be hurling the baseball and try to get a bull pen job, a rotation job or just get some experience at major league camp. Just like yesterday, I will be looking at both non-roster guys and forty man roster guys.


Nate Adcock

Daniel Bard

Jose Contreras

Ryan Feierabend

Justin Germano

Rafael Perez

Aaron Poreda

Armando Rodriguez

Bard is someone who most people have heard of, he had a pretty good run with the Red Sox for many season (2009-2013, but his good years were 2009-2011). In 2012 he had an ERA of 7.03 in 31 games at AAA for the Red Sox, and in 2013 he bounced around and between several teams. He had an ERA of under 3.50 in his three good seasons with the Red Sox. Contreras is in his forties and the odds of him making the major league club are very thin, especially looking at the way that Colby Lewis and Tommy Hanson are pitching so well and the fact that Matt Harrison is going to be back a week or two into the season. He has had a long career and he has a lot of experience that may help the young guys in camp, I see his role being almost more of a coaching role than a competing role. Of the rest of these guys, Feierabend spent some time in the majors, Rodriguez has not. I always love spring training and watching the guys that we don’t really know to see what they have. Most of the guys on this list are really just enjoying the ride and letting it all hang out, and that is always a blast to watch.

Forty Man Roster Guys:

Pedro Figueroa

Wilmer Font

Roman Mendez

Miles Mikolas

Ben Rowan

Shawn Tolleson

Matt West

Font is a highly touted guy, and he is getting close to major league ready. He spent last season between Frisco and Round Rock, and he is a guy that I would expect to see with the Texas Rangers at some point in 2014. Rowan is another name to watch out for, he had a sub-one ERA in both Round rock and Frisco. Mikolas spent some time with the Padres, and had a 3.25 ERA during his time there. All in all, we know the guys on the forty man roster are guys that we will either be seeing one day or guys that, if they don’t perform, will be cut to make room for someone else.

Everyone enjoy getting to know these players during spring training everyone, and remember, the Texas Rangers start playing baseball today!