Of Daughters and Fishing Knives


Aug 14, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Texas Rangers third baseman

Jurickson Profar

(13) high fives Texas Rangers pitch hitter

Jeff Baker

(15) after he scores the go ahead run in the seventh inning of the game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Texas won 5-4. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

There have been some strange injuries over the years in baseball that had nothing to do with the game that the players and fans love so much. There are two that have happened so far in 2014 that got me thinking, what are some of the strangest ways players have been injured? So, in the spirit of strange injuries, here are some of the strangest I found.

10. My daughter did it. Angels infielder Ian Stewart missed Monday’s game due to a nose injury. that nose injury was sustained while horsing around with his daughter and she hit him in his nose. Stewart, who is fighting for  bench spot, probably didn’t need this to happen, but any parent knows that those little kids can be deadly accurate with their aim.

9. Fishing for Trouble. Jake Peavy, Red Sox pitcher hurt his finger with a fishing knife. He was lucky, according to John Farrell, as it could have been worse. At least Red Sox fans can take heart in knowing that this injury was self-sustained and something that any of us could have done, so there is nothing fishy going on (yeah, I went there).

8. Sucker Punched by Snow. Minnesota Twins pitcher Carl Pavano was shoveling snow when he slipped and fell, actually lacerated his spleen with his own shovel handle. Let this be a lesson to all of us: house work is dangerous and should not be done in adverse conditions. That’s why I did nothing today with ice all over the ground. I like my spleen right where it is.

7. Blame the Wife. Jonathan Lucroy did what any of us would do if we dropped our sock under a hotel bed: go and get it. But as he was reaching for the sock his wife accidentally knocked a suitcase off of said bed and onto Lucroy’s right hand, fracturing the fifth metacarpal on that hand. Maybe it is safer to be a single guy. I’ll have to ask someone else and hope my wife does not read this article.

6. High Five DL. Texas Rangers utility man Jeff Baker was injured during the 2013 season when he high-fived a teammate a little too aggressively and injured his high fiving hand. The Texas Rangers began bowing to each other the rest of the season to avoid any more high-five incidents.

5. Pie in the Knee? Marlins outfielder Chris Coghlan injured his knee placing a pie in the face of a teammate after Helms had hit a game winning single. Just shows us how dangerous a pie in the face can be.

4. Dressed for Sucess… Not so fast! Maybe this happens to everyone, but I don’t think so. All I know is that I would not like to be in the shoes of Astros infielder Geoff Blum when I had to call my boss and tell him that I felt a pop while putting on a shirt and was going to miss the next 15 games because of it.

3. You look glowing, sir. The sun can be a dangerous thing. That’s why Orioles outfielder Marty Cordova decided to use a tanning bed to look his best instead of the risk of sun exposure. He was burnt and forced to miss time, thanks to his bronzed to a crisp personality.

2. Does your dog bite? Yankees pitcher David Cone missed a start thanks to his mother’s dog. The dog was apparently a Texas Rangers fan and not a Yankees fan, as it bit the right-handed pitcher right on his ring finger. Good dog.

1. Tripped by a Boxer. Texas Rangers starting left-hander Derek Holland was tripped by his dog at his home and needed knee surgery. Derek will miss the first half of the season thanks to that pooch. Derek is rehabbing well but still, I hope he stays away from his puppy and stairs for the rest of the 2014 season.

Most of these and many more can be found in this sports illustrated article. Enjoy!

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