Russell Wilson pictures and videos


Mar 3, 2014; Surprise, AZ, USA; Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson during Texas Rangers practice at Surprise Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday Texas Rangers rule 5 draftee Russell Wilson spent time working out with the players and manager Ron Washington.  Wilson also spent time talking to the players and mentoring several of the minor league players.  Some thing of Wilson as a publicity stunt, but the Rangers had planned to have him at spring training back in December, way before he was a Super Bowl champion.

If you want to ask why again, then you can look at Russell Wilson’s leadership skills.  Some people, like Wilson, embrace their role, and on the other side, you have players like Ian Kinsler who fall when the weight of that responsibility is too difficult.

What has been the response to having Wilson at camp?  Basically Wilsonmania!   Below you can see a lot of fans lined up and ready to get catch glimpse of Wilson.  Sure, I bet they are more interested in seeing the Super Bowl champ Wilson, but the Rangers got to see the leadership side of Wilson.

One of our staff writers Lisa Weatherall was able to capture a picture of the crazy line waiting to see Wilson

Russell Wilson – Surprise Arizona – Photo by Lisa Weatherall

Wilson fulfilled his promise and actually did some workouts with the Rangers and the manager Ron Washington.  To me that’s important thing for anyone to do, if you say you are going to do something, then you should try your best to do that.  Wilson has his plate full this offseason and still made time for the Texas Rangers.

Ron Washington talks to ESPN about Wilson’s leadership role and his ability to play baseball.  Also, Washington was very pleased that Wilson was able to go through some of his drills and says that not all players are able to handle it as well as Wilson did.

Russell Wilson did spend time in the dugout for the Cleveland Indians game, and he did hand out the lineup card at home plate, but he did not play.  Which was expected, Ron Washington stated several time that he wouldn’t play him.  After the game, Wilson spent time with the media

Another picture of Wilson with the media

Wilson talks to the media about his day and his chance to work out with Profar and Beltre.  He really loved the atmosphere and the amount of fun the club is able to have as a team.

Was it worth using a draft pick and $12,000 to get Wilson?  Yes, every penny.  Besides selling jerseys and shirts, which probably more than made up for the $12,000 they spent on him, the Rangers players, minor leagues and staff got to see first hand who Wilson his.  The got to see his leadership and learn about his work ethic.  On the other side, the Rangers continue to gain exposure and popularity.  Which is also important, even if you don’t realize it.  The Rangers are now team that everyone talks about, no longer are the Rangers a second thought in the American League, the Rangers are team to be considered in the playoff race each now.  Maybe you take that for granted, but it took over 40 years to get to a World Series and besides the Johnny Oates days, the franchise was always on the outside looking in.  That’s no more.