“What Did He Say?” – A Texas Rangers Fan’s Quick Guide to Baseball Jargon

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alley (up the alley): One of the two areas between the out-fielders in left-center field and in right-center field.

around the horn: adj. Describing a force double play in which a ground ball is fielded by the third baseman who throws to the second baseman who then throws to the first baseman.


base hit

: 1. A batted ball on which the batter advances safely to, but no further than, first base; a single. 2. A batted ball that permits the batter to get on any base safely with no error being made and no base-runner being forced out on the play. *See single, double, triple*

Base Hit by Elvis Andrus:

behind the count: 1. Said of a pitcher when there are more balls than strikes on the batter. 2. Said of a batter with more strikes than balls.

broadway: The middle of the plate.

bush: 1. adj. Unprofessional, unsportsmanlike, amateurish, unseasoned. 2. n. Exile; a low rung of the minor leagues as the end of a baseball career.

bush-league: adj. Syn. of bush, EXTENDED USE: Having to do with mediocrity or inferiority. “That was so bush-league.”