“What Did He Say?” – A Texas Rangers Fan’s Quick Guide to Baseball Jargon

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hopper: 1. A Batted ball that bounces on the ground, often modified as a “high hopper,” “lazy hopper,” “two-hopper,” etc. 2. A fastball that has a hop on it.


kitchen: The area of a batter’s torso inside or at the edge of the high and inside portion of the strike zone. A fastball coming into this area – “pitchin’ in the kitchen,” “getting in his kitchen.”


long ball

: 1. A home run. 2. A Batted ball that travels a considerable distance, usually deep into the outfield; a ball that will require an extraordinary catch or result in an extra-base hit.

Shin-Soo Choo

hits a long ball to OF

Grady Sizemore

for extra bases:

loop: 1. v. To bat a ball in a short but fairly high arc. 2. n. A poorly hit pop fly.

looper: A fly ball that carries just beyond the infield for a hit