“What Did He Say?” – A Texas Rangers Fan’s Quick Guide to Baseball Jargon

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up the middle: Around and over second base. A ball that is hit straight up the center of the infield toward center field is to be “up the middle.”


whiff: 1. v. To swing at a pitch without touching the ball. 2. v. For a pitcher to strike out a batter. 3. v. For a batter to strike out

Here is a sample of some batters getting a WHIFF of Yu Darvish‘s pitches enjoy:

windup: n. The preliminary movements of the pitcher’s arm prior to pitching the ball. It involves taking a step back from the rubber, raising one’s hands together over one’s head, and then stepping forward to deliver the ball.

As you can see there are many terms us baseball folks use and these are just SOME of the more common used terms. There are many terms that have more than one meaning and even more that are cross referenced, so it is justifiable that some might not understand what exactly is said during a ballgame. Personally, I love to hear all the different ways one play can be called, even though it can get the loved ones frustrated and ask more questions. However, I keep in mind the fact that the more questions they ask and the more I answer, they are understanding and falling in love with the game. How can I really get mad about that?

How about you? What’s your favorite baseball lingo to use?

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