Matt Harrison Getting Closer To Return


Mandatory Credit: Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Harrison had a rehab start in Frisco Saturday night, and according to the Ft Worth Star Telegram‘s Stefan Stevenson it went well for Matt. Matt Harrison threw 86 pitches through 8 scoreless innings at Frisco and says he thinks he is ready to come back to the big leagues.

"“In my mind, yeah, I’m ready,” Matt Harrison said after Saturday’s game. “But I don’t really need to convince myself, I have to convince them. We’ll see how it goes the next few days and they’ll determine whether or not I’m ready to go.”"

Harrison was said to have topped out at 94 mph according to Stevenson’s article. Matt Harrison, a former 18 game winner for the Texas Rangers, would be a big boost to the club if he could come back and pitch anything like he did before he began dealing with all of the injuries that he has been dealing with the past two seasons. Matt was consistent, and he earned himself a pretty nice contract after his 18 win season. But none of that matters anymore. What matters is if, like Colby Lewis, Matt Harrison can come back and be a productive pitcher for the Texas Rangers in 2014. My thoughts? I think he can be, and I think he will be. We saw that the Tanner Scheppers experiment did not do so well for the Texas Rangers, Robbie Ross had a very rough day today, and Joe Saunders was not very pretty in his one start for the Texas Rangers. A healthy Matt Harrison along with Yu Darvish, Martin Perez and Colby Lewis would be a big deal for the team. I am holding out hope that Matt will be able to join the rotation before the beginning of May, and when he does I am holding out hope that he will be not just effective, but downright good. If we get that Matt Harrison, then Texas Rangers fans have a rotation that they can brag about to their friends. I hope we get to see that rotation very, very soon.