Your Texas Rangers Injury Update


Remember this guy? Mandatory Credit: Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

So what do you guys think?  Are we at the point yet where it’s easier to list the healthy Texas Rangers vs. listing the injured ones? If not, I think we’re pretty dang close.  The funny thing is, that’s the kind of thing people write in the dogs days of July and August. Today is April 24th.

And by “funny”, I mean sad.

Let’s start with some good news that you probably already know.  Mainly because I don’t want anyone not finishing the post due to teary eyes.

The Good News

1.  Matty’s Back Baby! – Matt Harrison (herniated disc) is set to make his first start of the 2014 season on Sunday against the Mariners.  I’ll also remind you that this is Harrison’s first start in over year, not just the first this season.  Looks like almost a complete rotation! (less Derek Holland)  Friday will feature Robbie Ross, and Colby Lewis will go on Saturday to start the Seattle series at Safeco.  Then the hometown crowd will catch Yu Darvish on Monday and Martin Perez on Tuesday against Oakland.  (Speaking of…how ’bout that Marteen, huh?!)

2.  Watch out Elvis! – There may be a glove thrown at you soon…by Adrian Beltre. Beltre (strained left quad) is set to come off of a short absence (by Texas Rangers standards) and DL stint on Friday against the Mariners as well.  Beltre never wanted to go on the disabled list in the first place, saying:

"It didn’t sit well with me, but they probably have more information than I do. They want to be more cautious than I probably do."

Of course that caution is okay by most fans, myself included, as Beltre is arguably the Rangers’ most productive, most talented, and most reliable player.

Let’s add a segue, shall we?

Unfortunately, it’s to the bad news, well, the semi-bad news.

Beltre’s  return is right on time, with the injury to Kevin Kouzmanoff earlier this week.

The Semi-Bad News

KOOUZZ –  How do you earn a nickname that can be chanted throughout the stadium as a back-up player?  Try winning AL Player of the Week honors while filling in for Adrian Beltre (some tough shoes to fill).  Kouzmanoff sat out of yesterday’s game with some lower back stiffness, which is expected to be a minor day-to-day injury.  Once his health returns, he’ll be put back in his back-up role.  But I’m sure Wash will have no qualms spelling Beltre a day here and there after the display Kouz put on in Beltre’s absence.

CHOOOO – No this isn’t the all chant section; unfortunately, Shin-Soo Choo is on the “semi-bad news” list as well.  Choo sprained his ankle in Monday’s game against Oakland.  But this is only semi-bad news because an MRI of Choo’s injured ankle revealed that it was not a high ankle sprain, and will thus not require a DL stint, so says the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  Choo missed both Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s games in Oakland, but he could return as early as Friday against the Mariners. (Man…sorry Mariners, we didn’t plan this.)

Tanner Scheppers – Tanner’s still on the DL.  Not really an update here, just to say that when he was placed on the DL it didn’t seem too serious.  So he should probably be able to be activated on May 2nd; the earliest he can be activated.  Of course, that raises the question:  Does he go back to the rotation or the bullpen?

The Bad News

I know, I know…this escalated quickly…

Pedro FigueroaFigueroa threw only one pitch in Tuesday’s game before feeling a problem with his arm.  That elbow soreness got him put him on the DL and he’s scheduled for an MRI to see just how severe his injury is.


(^ This list just got a whole lot worse.)

Jim Adduci – So…yeah…more than one backup is hurt.  Yikes.  Adduci was placed on the DL last weekend with a broken finger that he injured sliding into second base. Now that’s just bad luck.

That’s it!  <–That was said mockingly, by the way.  If you’re curious, the Texas Rangers have used the disabled list 11 times already this season, leading the free world in that unfortunate power ranking.

The good news is that we’re getting some key guys back SOON!

22 down, 140 to go.

Your Texas Rangers are 14-8.

(And that would be the BEST record in the American League.)

Boo to off days