Neftali Feliz Shutdown


Neftali Feliz

After Pedro Figueroa went down there was speculation that Neftali Feliz may be ready to return to the Texas Rangers bullpen, but that is not happening according to Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News.

"“Feliz has returned from Triple-A Round Rock to Arlington with general soreness and fatigue, but no significant physical issue, club officials said Wednesday.” Evan Grant"

It just appears that Neftali Feliz is very tired after each outing and that he just does not feel right. The former all-star closer is not back to his former self, and this latest development has me worried that he may not ever get back to the dominate closer that Texas Rangers fans once saw in Arlington. His velocity is down and he has been unable to pitch in back to back days yet in 2014.

Without knowing what the issue is it is hard to speculate what is exactly wrong with Neftali Feliz, but I have heard it said more than once that his work ethic is not the greatest and maybe that is now catching up with him. I wish I could remember where I heard that. I am going to trust that there is something wrong with him and that it can be fixed or at least figured out to get him back on track to be pitching in the big leagues, because we all know the Texas Rangers could use him right now!