Who is the Texas Rangers Ace? Who Cares!


Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I wrote an article last week asking who the Texas Rangers ace is. I gave three choices: Yu Darvish, Martin Perez, and who cares they both rock! Well you the people have spoken, and these are the final results:

You guys answered the poll and said you don’t care who the ace is, because they are both pitching so well! I tend to agree with you, but I was surprised at how few votes Martin Perez got. If you combine the numbers of the first three Texas Rangers starters, they still make an ace! That is a situation that it is never bad for your team to be in.

So here is Martin Perez, Yu Darvish and Robbie Ross combined:

ERA: 1.83

Strikeouts per 9 innings: 7.57

Hits per 9 innings: 7.3

walks per 9 innings: 2.4

Runs allowed: 8

Innings pitched: 32

WHIP: 1.07

complete game shutouts: 2

So how would those stats sound for one guy? Fantastic, but that is the average of the top three starters in the Texas Rangers rotation! It has been a pretty amazing start to the 2014 season for the Texas Rangers rotation. The current ERA of the Texas Rangers rotation are:

Yu Darvish – 1.61

Martin Perez – 1.42

Robbie Ross – 2.45

Colby  Lewis – 4.60

Matt Harrison – 3.00

That is a combined ERA of 2.62. It appears that the Texas Rangers have a staff full of aces! Now, I know that Matt Harrison only has one start under his belt and both he and Colby are still getting their feet wet, but my confidence for this rotation is very high at the moment, and as you all said in the poll, who cares who is considered the Ace as long as they all continue to pitch like they have been. The next three days should be fun to watch.

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