What’s Your Superstition?


Look at that packed house! Who do you love to boo? Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, as the Texas Rangers game got into the later innings and Yu Darvish had a no hitter still going, I started feeling superstitious. I started having trouble moving positions, I stopped channel flipping, I didn’t remove my hat for any reason, I tried to remember what I said to my wife between the last inning, and I stopped live tweeting. But hey, I’m not superstitious.

Yu Darvish was beyond brilliant tonight, giving up just one painful hit in 8.2 innings of work. It is the second time in two seasons that Yu Darvish came just one out short of a no hitter. As baseball fans, we all are just a little superstitious, and we all joke that we know there is nothing to the superstitions, but we still have them anyway. We somewhere deep down really believe that if we do everything right, that we can actually help our teams win. Tonight, the Texas Rangers won, but Yu Darvish did not get his no hitter again.

It really got me to thinking, what are some of your superstitions? What are some of the craziest things that you have ever done to help your team win? What have you not been willing to do on a night that your team wound up losing? I would love to hear from you, the fans of the Texas Rangers. So tell me here in the comments, on Facebook (mine or NolanWritins), on Twitter (mine or NolanWritins), or anywhere else you can find me and tell me about it. Maybe next time we can all get Yu Darvish the no hitter that he has gotten so close to twice now!