For Rangers, Dark Days Are Here


By now I am sure you have all hear the news about Matt Harrison and Martin Perez, and if you have not you can read Lisa’s article here. The Texas Rangers pitching staff is a downright disaster. I can’t remember a time in Texas Rangers baseball history that hey have suffered from so many pitching injuries/implosions in the same season.  Aaron Poreda, who has been pitching lights out, decided that last night would be his first bad outing, and it came in a game where starter Nick Tepesch exited after giving up no runs. The problem is not consistent either.

Some days the Rangers cannot hit, some days it is the starting pitching, and some days it is the bull pen. No matter what it is, the Rangers are now 20-21, in fourth place in the American League West. And they are lucky to be there. If Kevin Kouzmanoff had not done such a great job replacing Adrian Beltre and the Josh Wilson/Donnie Murphy tandem had not done such a good job replacing Jurickson Profar, this team could be in Houston territory.

Losing two out of three to Houston in Houston doesn’t bother me that bad, it is the losses that the Rangers keep sustaining that really bothers me. Every game that the Rangers play, I feel like someone is going to get injured.

The 2014 season is not shaping up good at all, and I am now one injury away from being in full on panic mode about this team. All we can do is hope that the injury wave is finally over now that it has taken two more of the Texas Rangers starters. I don’t think we as fans can take much more of this.