Prince Fielder Joins the Injury Party


This is now beyond ridiculous and infuriating. Prince Fielder has a herniated disc in his neck and will miss at least a few games according to sources.

At this point, who believes in sources anymore? I just know that Prince is going to need to be placed on the DL at some point this season. And we are talking about a guy that doesn’t miss time here. I am now flabbergasted by the carnage coming out of Arlington. I wouldn’t be surprised is the Texas Rangers equipment manager or front office staff began missing time with injuries. There is no logical explanation to the sheer amount of injuries that the Texas Rangers are experiencing this season. Fans are starting to get frustrated, and rightfully so.

Prince Fielder has not missed any games in his career with an injury, until today. All it took was for him to become a 2014 Texas Rangers player for it to happen. Folks, we are in for a long ride in 2014. If Prince Fielder is missing time, what is next?