So Much for Team Meetings


The good feelings the Texas Rangers players got from their team meeting on Sunday Morning lasted exactly one game. Sunday the Texas Rangers looked good and won a game against the Blue Jays and all seemed right in the world again, but then, Prince Fielder and Leonys Martin were out for last nights game and Dan Robertson had to lead off and play center field.

To make matters worse, Colby Lewis had one bad inning and Hisashi Iwakuma did not. For the Texas Rangers right now, bad inning means instant loss.

“Everyone is trying” Ron Washington said after the game. “The guys I put up in there, I feel like they’re capable of putting something together and helping us win a ballgame. It just didn’t happen,”

Well I would hope that everyone is trying!

Look, right now this team has way to many injuries and way to many disappointments to be competitive on a nightly basis. Fielder, Robbie Ross, Matt Harrison, Martin Perez, Jurickson Profar, Leonys Martin are just few that come to mind. They need to tred water to stay in the hunt, and they appear to be sinking at the moment.

I am all for team meetings, but when you don’t have the talent necessary to win on a night to night basis, all the team meetings in the world are not going to save you. This team needs a full team again, not more team meetings. Until everyone is back and healthy (which is probably not going to happen in 2014), then this team is going to struggle to put together more than 2 or 3 wins in a row, and that spells trouble indeed.