Tom Schieffer, the Newest Texas Rangers Hall of Famer


The Texas Rangers are not shy about putting non-players into the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame, they have previously inducted 5 other non-players including Eric Nadel among others. Tom Schieffer, who will always be know around these parts for getting the new ballpark built, is deserving in my opinion just because of that reason.

"“Out of all the things I’ve done, from a pure enjoyment standpoint, that was the most enjoyable,” says Schieffer. “It was so much fun to see the creativity involved. It was connecting the dots differently than they’d been connected in the past.” Dallas Morning News"

Schieffer was the Texas Rangers chief executive during the time that the George Bush group was the owner of the team. The Texas Rangers won the American League West and  advanced to their first ever post season appearance under his tenure, and he started the Texas Rangers baseball foundation in 1992.

The team saw its share of success under Schieffer’s tenure as executive, and I think that this honor is well deserving for Tom. I am always glad to see the hard work of the front office staff not only pay off, but be rewarded and recognized by the team, so congratulations to the 17th member of the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame!