Breaking: Mitch Moreland isn’t that bad


May 22, 2014; Detroit, MI, USA; Texas Rangers right fielder Alex Rios (left) and first baseman Mitch Moreland (right) congratulate each other after scoring in the fourth inning against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Rangers designated hitter, left fielder, right fielder and first baseman Mitch Moreland isn’t that bad.  When the blockbuster trade which send second baseman Ian Kinsler to the Detroit Tigers for first baseman Prince Fielder everyone wondered what would happen to Mitch Moreland.

During the offseason many had thrown out the idea of trading Moreland.  One example I recall reading was sending Moreland and some prospects to the Tampa Bay Rays for David Price.  Which was a total long shot!  Everything that I read was that the Rays were not going trade Price.

Right now regardless how well Mitch Moreland is doing it is a very good thing that the Texas Rangers did trade him.  This is the first year Moreland had played in the outfield and at times it was a bit rough to watch.  But, he did play well in the designated hitter spot and he is a good first baseman.

No one would have guessed that Prince Fielder, who played 547 game straight and had barely missed any games during his career would have season ending surgery this early.  But, again it is good the Rangers had faith in Moreland and kept him.  It is hard to imagine who else would be able to step up and do as well as he as been doing.

Many were critical of Moreland early in the season, but he has been hot lately with 18 hits over his 59 at-bats (.305) over his last 22 games.  He has a batting average of .275/.325/.413, with 2 home runs, and 15 RBI.

Over the last 30 days Moreland has the 4th best Rangers batting average, and RBI.  Over the same span Moreland’s number is about the same.   To compare Moreland and Fielder isn’t really apples-to-apples, but this year it might be argued that Moreland and Fielder are about the same.  In fact, Moreland has probably out preformed Fielder just by a nose this season.  Granted, if the Rangers had a healthy Fielder, it should be assumed he would easier beat out Moreland in every category.

So relax, yes Fielder is gone for the year, but Moreland isn’t as bad as some people say.  In fact, he’s a class act and great player.  He has one of the best work ethics and attitudes in the game.  Plus, he’s playing very well right now and he could be part of the reason the Rangers make the playoff, if the indeed do make it.