Chris Gimenez: Yu Darvish’s New Best Friend


Yu Darvish is a big fan of the Texas Rangers catcher Geovany Soto, and he has missed him in the lineup. However, I think that Darvish amd the Texas Rangers may have found a temporary replacement for the injured Soto: Chris Gimenez. The Texas Rangers are 2-0 when Gimenez is behind the dish, and Yu Darvish looked very comfortble with Chris Gimenez behind the dish in yesterday’s route of the Tigers.

Darvish said he had no problems working with Gimenez, saying, “He let me do whatever I wanted.” (

That is a good sign since Soto will not be returning for another four weeks at the earliest. And besides catching a good game, Chris Gimenez also had four hits in yesteday’s game. Those are stats that are probably going to get Gimenez some more looks behind the plate as the season goes on. The Tigers were not playing their best yesterday, and I am not expecting Chris Gimenez to get four hits every time out, but yesterday showed us all what he is capable of when he is on.

With both Robinson Chirinos and Chris Gimenez spliting the catching duties now and Robbie Ross having a successful outing out of the bull pen yesterday, I am stating to feel a little better about a really banged up Rangers team. I am not saying I have faith at this point that they will win the division without Jurickson Profar and Prince Fielder, but what I am saying is that I still think that they can be competitive at the major league level. Let’s hope the magic of Chris Gimenez continues to his next outing!